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Flashpoint Infrared Temp Guage


This is the DuraTrax Flashpoint Infrared Temperature Gauge.

FEATURES: Monitors temperatures of engines, sealing irons, electric motors
and battery packs
Wireless for safe and accurate readings without touching the heat
source-simply point, push a button, and read the results
Palm sized 1.13 ounce reads wide temperature range from
-27° to +428°F (-33° to +220°C)
Special mode settings allow user to find, hold, and display minimums
and maximums of fluctuating temperatures to provide the most
accurate information
Auto-off timer preserves battery power by shutting down unit after
15 seconds if not used
Large LCD for easy viewing
Replaceable 3V CR2032 Lithium battery available at jewelry and camera
counters of major retail stores

INCLUDES: One DuraTrax Flashpoint Infrared Temperature Gauge with Lithium
battery and wrist strap

SPECS: Length: 2.7″ (68mm)
Width: 1.5″ (37mm)
Thickness: .7″ (18mm)
Weight: 1.13oz (32g) including battery
Display Resolution: .1°F or C (switchable)
Response Time: 1 second
Infrared Accuracy: ±2% of reading
Field of View: 1:1 optics ratio
Emissivity: .95 default-adjustable .01 to 1 emissivity
Battery Life: 40 hours continuous use (auto power off after 15 sec.)
Battery Type: CR2032 Lithium primary (not rechargeable)
Display Type: Custom LCD