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Millennium Double Action Airbrush Set


This is the Millennium Double Action Airbrush Set from Paasche.

FEATURES: Thin barrel grip and a cut-away red anodized handle that allows
quick pullback of needle mechanism to blow out clogs.
Round trigger button rolls under your finger for greater comfort
and better control.
For medium fluids, with a spray pattern of 1/32″ to 1¼”
Recommended air pressure is .5 to 1 cfm at 20-45lbs depending on
type of fluid being sprayed.
Clean dry air is essential for best results

INCLUDES: Millennium Double Action Airbrush
Head Protecting Cap
¼oz Metal Color Cup
½oz Color Bottle Assembly
6′ Air Hose
Instruction Manual
22 Airbrush Lessons Book

REQUIRES: Air Source