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Model Painting Stand


This is the Painting Stand set from Tamiya.
It securely holds parts for simple airbrushing and spray painting.

FEATURES: “Lazy Susan” type rotating base design
Black in color
Turntable attachment for holding larger models
Body stand attachment, featuring a spring body holder
Spring clips that insert into turntable, for holding
small body parts and parts trees

INCLUDES: Two rotating bases
One table-type turntable
One body stand turntable w/spring holders
Four spring clips
One instruction sheet

REQUIRES: No parts required

SPECS: Rotating base diameter: 121mm (4.76″)
Turntable diameter: 160mm (6.30″)
Assembled Height, Turntable: 80mm (3.15″)
Assembled Height, Body Stand: min. 67mm (2.64″)
max. 108mm (4.25″)