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MS7 Light Weight Clear Body ,190mm


This is the PROTOform Lightweight MS7 Clear Body.

FEATURES: For high-grip track conditions such as CRC black carpet
Smooth turn-in characteristics with increased mid-corner rotation
Perfect for spec classes and small tight tracks, as well as high-
grip asphalt tracks
EFRA and ROAR approved
Molded from clear polycarbonate plastic
Adjustable body positioning, positions for 0, +2mm, +4mm and +6mm
are scribed inside front wheel arches

INCLUDES: Lightweight MS7 Clear Body
M3 Wing Mounting Hardware
Window Mask
Decal Sheet
Paint then Peel Overspray Film

REQUIRES: Body Scissors and Reamer
Polycarbonate Safe Spray or Brush-On Paint

SPECS: Length: 16.4″ (418mm)
Width: 7.5″ (191mm)
Height: 4.5″ (115mm)
Wheelbase: 10 – 10.2″ (253 – 260mm)