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Power 10 BL Outrunner Motor, 1100kv

Equivalent to a 10-size glow engine for 32–48 ounce (910–1360 g) airplanes
Ideal for 3D airplanes weighing 28–36 ounces (790–1020 g)
Ideal for models requiring up to 450 watts of power
High-torque, direct-drive alternative to inrunner brushless motors
Includes mount, prop adapters and mounting hardware
External rotor design—5mm shaft can easily be reversed for alternative motor installations
Slotted 14-pole outrunner design
High-quality construction with ball bearings and hardened steel shaft
Quiet, lightweight operation

The Power 10 is designed to deliver clean and quiet power for 10-size sport and scale airplanes weighing 32 to 48 ounces (910 to 1360 grams), 3D airplanes weighing 28 to 36 ounces (790 to 1020 grams), or models requiring up to 375 watts of power. It’s an especially good match for the E-flite Brio 10 for high speed F3A precision or artistic aerobatics.


Tech Notes
* Maximum Operating Temperature: 220 degrees Fahrenheit
* Adequate cooling is required for all motor operation at maximum current levels.
* Maximum Burst Current duration is 15 seconds. Adequate time between maximum burst intervals is required for proper cooling and to avoid overheating the motor.
* Maximum Burst Current rating is for 3D and limited motor run flights. Lack of proper throttle management may result in damage to the motor since excessive use of burst current may overheat the motor.

Examples of Airplane Setups:
Please see our web site for the most up-to-date information and airplane setup examples.

NOTE: All data measured at full throttle. Actual performance may vary depending on battery and flight conditions.
E-flite Brio 10

Motor: Power 10
ESC: E-flite 40A Brushless V2 (EFLA311B)
Prop: APC 12x6E (APC12060E)
Battery: Thunder Power PRO LITE 2100mAh 11.1V 3-Cell (THP21003SPL)
Flying Weight w/Battery: 2.1 lbs

Amps Volts Watts Input Watts/Pound RPM
37.2 9.6 357 170 7800

Expect good speed and extreme vertical power for artistic aerobatics. Average duration is approximately 6-9 minutes depending on throttle management.
E-flite Ultimate 20-300 10e

Motor: Power 10
ESC: E-flite 40A Lite Pro SB Brushless (EFLA1040L)
Prop: APC 12x6E (APC12060E)
Battery: Thunder Power 2600mAh 11.1V 3S PRO LITE V2 Li-Po (THP26003SPL2)
Flying Weight w/Battery: 40.7 oz (2.5)

Amps Volts Watts Input Watts/Pound RPM
40.2 10.7 430 172 8350

Expect ballistic power very strong vertical performance ideal for pulling out of hovers. Average duration is approximately 5-8 minutes depending on throttle management.


You will need…

6- to 10-cell Ni-MH/Ni-Cd or 2–3S Li-Po

10×5 to 12×6 electric props