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S60 AC LiPo / NiMH Balance Charger, 60W 6A

Multi Chemistry Charger

SkyRC S60 AC Professional Charger/Discharger stands out for its exquisite and stylish design. It can charge nearly all current battery types in the market, including new generation LiPo battery with end voltage 4.35V. What’s more, users could set the terminal voltage by themselves.

Input Voltage : AC100-240V
Charge Circuit Power : Max. 60W
Discharge Circuit Power : 10W
Charge Current Range : 0.1-6A
Discharge Current Range : 0.1-2A
Current Drain for Balancing Port : Max 200mA/cell
Trickle Charging Current : 50mA-300mA & OFF
LiPo / LiFe / Lilon / LiHV Battery Cell Count : 2-4S
NiMH/NiCd Battery Cell Count : 6-8S
Pb Battery Voltage : 6-12V
Net Weight : 310g

length :112mm
width :106mm
height :52mm