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Steel CV Drive Shaft w/ Hub, ECX 2WD


This is a pair of optional Hot-Racing CV Drive Shafts with Hubs
for 1/10 scale 2WD Electric ECX Trucks.
**Will NOT work with the Boost Buggy.**

FEATURES: Fits the ECX Circuit Stadium Truck, Ruckus Monster Truck and Torment
CNC machined #45 hardened carbon steel construction with black oxide
coating to aid corrosion resistance
Aluminum pin capture rings with rubber o-rings to prevent movement
Replaces stock plastic rear drive axles
Eliminates CV pin set screw
Near zero backlash
Thirty day limited warranty beginning at date of purchase- valid
in the United States only

INCLUDES: Two each;
Rear Assembled CVD Axles
Steel Outdrive Cups
Steel Wheel Hub Hexes

SPECS: Length: 4.45″ (113mm)